CoreMax Leasing and Management Services





Every real estate investor desires to maximize their return on their investment and earn a satisfactory income from their properties.  But not every real estate investor desires the inconvenience of having to personally manage them.

At CoreMax Leasing and Management Services, we offer our professional services and expertise to manage your property.  Our management philosophy is founded upon professionalism, integrity, courtesy, accountability, and quality service that provides the maximum return for your investment, while maintainging your property at the highest standards to attract the best tenants. 

All real estate rental property investors have 4 major concerns:

    • Maximize Earnings while Minimizing Expenses

    • Timely and Proper Rental Collections and Payables Disbursement

    • Up To Date Reporting and Complete Accountability

    • Regular and Thorough Real Estate Property Maintenance

Our team of professionals will work to ensure you achieve these goals.



CoreMax Leasing and Management Services is a leading property management and leasing services provider.  Our professionals have a combined 45 + years of experience in the residential and commercial real estate development and leasing business.

CoreMax Leasing and Management Services opened its doors primarily to develop and manage single family and multi-family rental properties and to represent investors in commercial and residential real estate.  Our clients recognize the need for professional and reliable property management services, and are pleased that we treat their property and their residents like our own.

Built on a foundation of trust, integrity and dedication, today we are a full-service real estate and property management company.  We cater to the needs of private and institutional investors as well as developers.  We are focused exclusively on helping property owners achive their real estate goals.